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Dog Sleepovers & Professional Dog Groomers in Grand Ledge, Michigan

Nana-N-Paws offers your pet an affordable alternative to staying in all day. Whether you’re looking for doggie daycare or overnight stays – there’s no place like Nana-N-Paws! Our facility is fully equipped with both indoor and outdoor play areas, a built-in swimming pool, giant sandbox, agility, climbing, and tunneling structures and lots of play houses.

At Nana-N-Paws, our number one priority is the safety of your pet. Not only is our facility completely secure, but our staff is also highly-trained and qualified in pet safety. Dogs are grouped together based on their age, temperament, and needs. For example, hyper dogs won’t be placed with calm dogs and puppies won’t be placed with seniors. We take the needs of your pet seriously, ensuring both their comfort and safety come first.

Nana-N-Paws – Where snuggles and play make up your pet’s day!

Your pet deserves a place where they’re free to play and make friends – and you deserve the peace of mind knowing your pet is in good hands.

Professional Dog Groomers

Is your dog in need of grooming? Our professional dog groomers are the best in the business! We take our time with each pet to minimize stress – if your pooch becomes stressed or is simply not enjoying their grooming, we’ll give them a break and take them into one of our designated play areas. If they prefer not to be in a playgroup, they can take a break in our Loveable Lapdogs Center, our Senior Center, or in one of our private suites where they can relax on a loveseat, recliner, or toddler bed. For their comfort, we ask for a 4-hour window to get your pet done and back in your arms.

Whether you’re looking for full-service grooming, obedience training, or puppy socialization, come to Nana-N-Paws! Where snuggles and play make up your pet’s day! For more information, call (517) 622-6262 today!

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Our testimonials

Elaine Stocking (Perry, MI)
Elaine Stocking (Perry, MI) Read More
I first met Patty Lance when I needed help in training my two very young, exuberant Golden Retrievers. Patty’s passion for dogs radiates from her. I’ve watched her countless times, with her characteristically unflappable calm wisdom, maintain control over situations involving several dogs of varying heights, weights, and energy levels. In fact, I believe she may even have a sixth sense in being able to read what a mischievous dog’s next move is going to be even before he does it! So when I found out she also operated Nana-n-Paws Doggy Daycare and Sleepover Center, I was ecstatic. I had never left my “boys” overnight or boarded with anyone. I mean, we all have hopes, wishes, and expectations of whom we would wish to entrust our fur kids to, right? My personal wish list: I don’t “crate” my Goldens and I appreciate someone who believes that dogs have individual needs and that they shouldn’t all be lumped together. I want my dogs to receive firm but loving care. I always envision the perfect center to have space with lots of playtime for my dogs with others of equal energy. And, of course, I expect my dogs to be fiercely protected from harm. When my dogs are in Patty’s care, I find all these are met and more. I highly recommend Nana-n-Paws Doggy Daycare and Sleepover Center for your dogs. Oh, and if you’re having a specific behavioral issue with your dog and need some great advice or assistance, Patty’s many years of training experience can be invaluable in helping you turn things around.
So whether I’m dropping off my “kids” for a day of play while I’m at work or on sleepovers when I’m out of town, my mind is at rest knowing they’re having a great time at Nana-n-Paws Doggy Daycare and Sleepover Center. My only worry when Mac and Rusty stay at Nana’s? That when I stop by to pick them up, they won’t want to come home with me!
Tatum & David Guerra
Tatum & David Guerra Read More
Meet Cooper, our now six month old Golden Retriever. My husband and I knew from the day we got Cooper that we wanted to train him properly (like every dog should be). We set out to find the perfect trainer! My husband found Patty through a co-worker. WOW! What a great find! Cooper started classes at 11 weeks old and continued personal training (at our house) for six weeks. Without Patty as our trainer, we don’t think we could have trained him on our own. She taught us that patience is the key to successful dog training and she made herself readily available for any questions or concerns that we had about Cooper. Hands down Patty is the best dog trainer that we know of in the area and we would recommend her to anyone. Cooper loves her and is very excited to be started on the next stage of dog training with her. Thank you, Patty for all your hard work and dedication as we train our Cooper to be the best dog we’ve ever had in our family!
Katie Faett Read More
I have been working with Patty Lance for about a year now. My husband and I adopted a Welsh Corgi, Bella, from a rescue and she came with more issues than we had bargained for. Our dog had very severe separation anxiety, along with issues with the blinds, the trash and keys. Patty came to my house for on site training and within a couple of weeks we saw a complete turnaround with Bella. She was finally bearable to live with…it was like she had a visit from the dog whisperer! Not only has Patty helped make our house more pleasant, she also has provided us with freedom and peace of mind when going out of town. When we have to leave our furry babies, Patty is the only person I trust to leave them with. I know that when they are with her, it’s like they are at home. She is the most loving, trustworthy, reliable person available to watch anyone’s dog! She truly treats them like one of the family. I highly recommend Patty to anyone who is looking to train or board their dog. She’s just so good a what she does!

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