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Professional Dog Daycare, Sleepovers and Grooming in Grand Ledge, MI

Dog DAYCARE, Sleepovers & Professional Dog Grooming in Grand Ledge, Michigan


Nana-N-Paws offers your pet an affordable alternative to staying in all day. Whether you’re looking for doggie daycare or overnight stays – there’s no place like Nana-N-Paws! Our facility is fully equipped with both indoor and outdoor play areas, a swimming pool, sandbox, agility, climbing, and tunneling structures, as well as an endless supply of toys!

At Nana-N-Paws, our number one priority is the safety of your pet. Not only is our facility completely secure, but our staff is also highly-trained and qualified in pet safety. Dogs are grouped together based on their age, temperament, and needs. For example, hyper dogs won’t be placed with calm dogs and puppies won’t be placed with seniors. We take the needs of your pet seriously, ensuring both their comfort and safety come first.

Nana-N-Paws – where snuggles and play make up your pet’s day!

Your pet deserves a place where they’re free to play and make friends – and you deserve the peace of mind knowing your pet is in good hands.

Professional Dog Grooming

Is your dog in need of grooming? Our professional dog grooming are the best in the business! We take our time with each pet to minimize stress – if your pooch becomes stressed or is simply not enjoying their grooming, we’ll give them a break and take them into one of our designated play areas. If they prefer not to be in a playgroup, they can take a break in our Loveable Lapdogs Center, our Senior Center, or in one of our private suites where they can relax on a loveseat, recliner, or toddler bed. For their ease, we ask for a 4-hour window to get your pet done and back in your arms.

Whether you’re looking for full-service grooming, obedience training, or puppy socialization, come to Nana-N-Paws! Where snuggles and play make up your pet’s day! For more information, call (517) 622-6262 today!