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Benefits of Raw Feeding…

Cleaner teeth and healthy gums: You will learn that raw meat and bones do not allow for plaque to build up. The crunching of small bones by your dog naturally provides scraping for his teeth. Raw bones are easily digested and they are a good source of calcium and roughage for cleaning the teeth and gums naturally. On the other hand, canned dog food consists of highly processed food with added fat and preservatives, which will most likely cause plaque.

Keep extra weight off: Raw diet ensures that your dog stays lean and strong, and lean dogs live longer. High protein raw diets will help your dog lose weight without losing muscle mass. On a high raw protein diet, approximately a seventh of the weight loss will be muscle and about 85% of the weight loss will be fat. The bottom line is that to maintain your dog’s muscles, his body needs protein. Raw diet helps you improve your dog’s feeling of fullness, so your dog is less of a food pest when dieting, and it should be easier to keep him lean. Lean dogs live longer, have stronger immune systems, and have lower blood pressure. 

Improved muscle strength and stability: The tearing, shredding and meaty bone crushing activity that comes with raw diet is helpful in building up strength in your dog’s neck, jaws, shoulder, and back muscles. Raw dog diet lifestyle’s increased activity will strengthen your dog’s skeletal as well as heart muscles, which enhances cardiovascular functioning and improves balance and flexibility. The bones and natural cartilage in the diet will grow your dog strong bones and healthy joints.

Lower risk of cancer: Your dog is less likely to get cancer if he is fed on a raw diet. Consumption of raw green vegetables is essentially important for dogs that eat dry foods. Dry foods are predisposed to aflatoxin contamination. Despite the fact that smaller amounts of aflatoxin are considered normal in the grains used for dog foods, green vegetables can significantly help offset the contamination element’s negative effects. Green vegetables are composed of chlorophyll, which is known to delay the onset of signs of liver cancer caused from the consumption of aflatoxin-contaminated grains. Make sure to balance the fats and complete your dog’s nutrition with fresh foods.

Better digestion and improved stool quality: When you give your dog raw food, he starts to eat by working on his jaws and teeth on the meaty bones and fleshy meat. Your dog will eat slowly, providing himself with full enjoyment. As he continues to chew, more gastric juice is secreted so that the food can be digested properly. Firmer as well as smaller stools with less smell are produced by your dog after consuming a raw diet. Your dog’s stool may contain powdery white material from bones, which is absolutely normal. Better digestion leads to small and firm stool, which generally improves your dog nutrient absorption.

Better eye health: When you feed your dog raw diet from a young age, he will have fewer eye problems as he grows old. In order to maintain good eye health, a raw diet with balanced fats will improve your dog’s retina. The amount of fat, protein, and carbs based upon a raw diet will provide your dog with essential antioxidants among other nutrients known to protect the eyes. These may include vitamins D and E, lutein from egg yolks, and zinc. The sardines and oysters in the raw diet provide a natural source of zinc. Ideally, a raw diet provides your dog with naturally balanced nutrition.

Does your pet suffer from itchy skin and allergies?

Raw foods have been shown to dramatically cut down on itchy skin and allergies. 

The ingredients often found in kibble (dry food) lead to allergies in our pets.  Sometimes it’s not the meat itself, but the foods that are fed to the beef, chickens etc.

We have a variety of raw food proteins, so if your pet is allergic to something, you can feed a different meat.

How much do I feed my pet?

You will need to feed about 16 ounces of raw food each day for each 50 pounds of your dog’s weight. In case your dog doesn’t quite tip the scales at 50 pounds, or if he weighs more than 50 pounds, here are some general guidelines to follow:

  • Owners of toy breeds that weigh between 7 and 15 pounds: 4 to 8 ounces of raw food each day
  • Owners of small breeds that weigh between 15 and 25 pounds: 8 to 12 ounces of raw food each day
  • Owners of medium-sized breeds that weigh between 25 and 50 pounds: 12 to 16 ounces of raw food each day
  • Owners of large breeds that weigh between 50 and 75 pounds: 16 to 24 ounces of raw food each day
  • Owners of giant breeds that weigh between 75 and 100 pounds: 28 to 32 ounces of raw food each day

We can help you determine the exact amount of food needed for your pet.


Raw Foods:


  • Beef & Chicken
  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Pork
  • Turkey
  • Organ Mix
  • Tripe

Answers Detailed

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Duck
  • Pork
  • Turkey
  • Goats Milk


  • Chicken-Pumpkin
  • Pork-Beef-Pumpkin
  • Salmon-Pumpkin
  • Turkey-Pumpkin
  • Beef-Pumpkin
  • Pork-Bison-Pumpkin
  • Pork-Duck-Pumpkin
  • Pork-Lamb-Pumpkin

Blue Ridge Beef

  • Beef Natural Mix
  • Beef w/ Bone
  • Breeders Choice
  • Chicken w/ Bone
  • Complete Case
  • Duck w/ Bone
  • Puppy Mix
  • Kitten Mix
  • Quail w/ Bone
  • Rabbit w/ Bone
  • Turkey w/ Bone
  • Venison w/ Bone

Primal Toppers

  • Beef
  • Lamb
  • Pork

Bulk Raw

  • Beef Trachea
  • Duck Wings
  • Turkey Necks
  • Pheasant Heads


Caru Soft Treats

  • Venison
  • Wild Boar

Cloudstar Tricky Trainers

  • Cheddar
  • Liver
  • Salmon

Cookie Pal Organic Treats

  • Banana-Coconut
  • Pumpkin-Chai
  • Sweet Potato-Flaxseed
  • Turmeric-Ginger

Happy Howie’s

Nandi Freeze Dried Treats

  • Ostrich
  • Lamb

RedBarn Meat Rolls

Tiki Dog Jerky

Vital Essentials Freeze Dried Treats

Vital Essentials Mini Nibs

  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Duck
  • Turkey
  • Salmon
  • Rabbit


  • Zukes Mini Naturals
  • Zukes Mini Naturals Puppy
  • Zukes Mini Naturals
  • Calming Hemp
  • Antlers – Split, whole and forks of various sizes


  • Fido-Vite
  • Fido-Vite Flexx
  • Fido-Vite Sportz Dog
  • Grizzly Wild Salmon Oil
  • Nature’s Logic Salmon Oil
  • Nature’s Logic Sardine Oil
  • Super Snouts GI Balance
  • Super Snouts Joint Powder
  • Super Snouts Pumpkin Latte
  • Super Snouts Turkey Tail
  • Super Snouts Urinary Berry
  • Super Snouts Rad Pad
  • Honest Kitchen Bone Broth
  • Honest Kitchen Goat Milk
  • Springtime Naturals Bug Off Garlic
  • Earth Animal Skin Relief
  • Carna 4 Sprouted Seeds

Leashes & Collars

Lupine leashes and collars come with a guarantee that if your dog chews it, they will replace it…… just send it in.


2 Hounds collars are handmade here in the USA and have a wide range of colors, fabrics & styles


Amish made biothane & leather training leashes.  Made local in Mid-Michigan

Training Supplies

Correction collars

Treat pouches


  • COMING SOON: We will be adding a sport dog section for personal protection, dock diving, scentwork, hunting dogs etc.

Travel Supplies

  • Collapsible Bowls
  • Calming treats
  • Poo bag dispensers and refills



  • Wubbas
  • Classics
  • Xtreme
  • Jumblers
  • Knots
  • Sticks
  • Floppies
  • Shakers

JW Rollers

  • Outward Hound Puzzles
  • Bark Retail
  • Chuck-It
  • Snug-a-Roo
  • Plus Much More….