Dog Grooming Service Grand Ledge MI

Dog Grooming Service in Grand Ledge, Michigan

At Nana-N-Paws, we try not to stress out or rush your pet during their dog grooming service – if your pooch becomes stressed or is simply not enjoying their grooming, we’ll give them a break and take them into one of our designated play areas. If they prefer not to be in a playgroup, or if you’re not comfortable with that, they can take a break in our Loveable Lapdogs Center, our Senior Center, or in one of our private suites where they can relax on a loveseat, recliner, or toddler bed. For their ease, we ask for a 4-hour window to get your pet done and back in your arms.

If you need an appointment on a specific day/date, please schedule ahead to reserve your spot.

Are we booked up on the day you need an appointment? Ask to be put on our cancellation list!

Please keep in mind that appointment time slots are reserved for your pet and cannot be filled by another client without adequate notice. Therefore, in fairness to our grooming and business, a charge equivalent to that of your dog grooming service will be charged for appointments that were missed or canceled with less than a 48-hour notice. A credit card number will be required for clients who repeatedly miss appointments without adequate notice to reserve your spot.

All grooming clients must provide proof of current vaccinations for Distemper, Rabies, Parvovirus, and Bordetella. Vaccinations must be administered by a veterinarian and must be current at least 7 days prior to arriving at our facility. Please confirm in advance that we have your most current proof of vaccinations. For the health and safety of all clients, there can be NO exceptions.

If you’d like to schedule a dog grooming service at Nana-N-Paws, call (517) 622-6262 today!